picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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What guarantee does a server certificate provide to web users?

Server certificates have two missions:
  1. Authenticate the certificate owner
  2. Encrypt transiting data
What is encryption: Thanks to a shared secret, data is encrypted during a transfer from a client to a server. The longer the secret the better the encryption. 128-bit encryption is currently unbreakable.

On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog! This well known maxim reminds the difficulty for webusers to really know the identity of the people they are dealing with especially when it involves money transactions.

Even if you browse a website displaying the visual of a well known brand you cannot be sure that the brand is actually running the website. The site may have been copied.

Server certificates provide that kind of guarantee. Strong authentication server certificates issued by trusted authorities assure that the organization:
  • is legal
  • really exists
  • owns the domain
  • is the only one in possession of the certificate
The information is checked during the certificate issuance. Certification authorities take responsibility for it.

That is the reason why a strong authentication certificate is essential to Establish a trust building and make online transactions possible. TBS INTERNET only provides strong authentication server certificates.

Warning: All certificates have not the same value! Some of our competitors provide certificate without any organization authentication. Those products are dangerous for they only guarantee the certificate has been issued to the owner of the domain! (let's imagine a website which domain and graphics are similar to a bank, it could be used to trick webusers).