picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20060122: TBS X509 modifies all its issuance roots

As of January 2006, all TBS X509 certificates will give up the GTE CyberTrust Global root and its Comodo Security Services CA 2012 intermediate.

TBS INTERNET officialy becomes certification authority with its own issuing certificates. From now we will have the control of our TBS X509 certification roots and reinforce the securty of our certificate ( WebTrust technical environment). it will incresa our recognition on the market and to launch new products.

le resulting certificates will be recognized by more than 97% of the browsers:

Certificates will now be issued by:

Those certificates are linked to the AddTrust External CA Root - UTN Server roots.

This modification will have an impact: the following browsers won't be compatible anymore:

  • Netscape 4.5 - 4.76
  • AOL 5 - 6
  • Opera 5 - 7.54
  • J2RE (uonly the browser)

The users of certificates with mobile phones, PDA, Pocket PC... will also be affected, mobile devices have much less roots than browsers.

when renewing your certificate, you will be asked to choose between our product or a Comodo one issued on the GTE CyberTrust Global root. If you need this root, then choose the Comodo. You can also order directly this kind of certificate.

If you have any doubt, order a free test certificate.

The already issued certificates will work normally until their expiration.