picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a client certificate (authentication, remote transmission) / email

There are several ways to install a client certificate. It depends on how the private key was generated when ordering:

  • Private key generated via our KEYBOT tool : you need to generate a certificate in PFX format (button "Generate PFX/PEM" from the status page of your certificate). You can find more information here: Generate a client certificate with Keybot. Ensuite il faudra importer ce certificat dans votre navigateur (voir ci-dessous) ou dans votre client de messagerie (voir Email signature / encryption)

  • Private key generated via the browser You will first have to install the certificate in the browser before making it available for another application (see the section "Client certificate generated via the browser").

  • Private key generated with OpenSSL A PFX file will have to be generated. You can follow our documentation: Generate a PFX file with OpenSSL

Client certificate in PFX format

Client certificate generated via browser

Certigna ID RGS* certificate

Certigna ID certificate with token

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