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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a client certificate (authentication, remote transmission) / email

There are several ways to install a client certificate. It depends on how the private key was generated when ordering:

  • Private key generated via our KEYBOT tool : you must generate a certificate in PFX format ("Generate PFX / PEM" button from the status page of your certificate). You can find more information here : Generate a client certificate with Keybot. Then you will have to import this certificate in your browser (see below) or in your email client (see Email signature / encryption)

  • Private key generated via the browser : you must first install the certificate in the browser before making it available for another application (see the section "Client certificate generated via the browser).

  • Private key generated with OpenSSL Anglais : a file in PFX format must be generated. You can follow our documentation: Generate a PFX file with OpenSSL

Client certificate in PFX format

Client certificate generated via browser

Certigna ID RGS* certificate

Certigna ID certificate with token

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